Genome: Streptococcus macedonicus ACA-DC 198 (NC_016749.1); Phylum: Firmicutes
S.No.Riboswitch Location and StrandRiboswitch classDownstream gene location and StrandDownstream gene name/gene product descriptionLocus_tag of downstream geneSingle gene/within operon (According to DOOR database)Operon details (List of genes within operon and their Locus_tag)Predicted Structure
1 613117-613207 (-)THF612509-613070 (-)SMA_0612

Substrate-specific component FolT of folate ECF transporter
SMA_0612Single gene

DOOR ID: 3358679
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2 649485-649582 (-)TPP648841-649408 (-)thiT

Substrate-specific component ThiT of thiamin ECF transporter
SMA_0647Single gene

DOOR ID: 3358691
SMA_0647 (thiT) View Structure
3 713180-713292 (+)preQ1-II713295-713805 (+)SMA_0716

Substrate-specific component QueT (COG4708) of predicted queuosine-regulated ECF transporter
SMA_0716Single gene

DOOR ID: 3358710
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4 943130-943225 (+)purine943398-943980 (+)xpt

Xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase (XPRTase) (2)

DOOR ID: 1325407
SMA_0958 (xpt),
SMA_0959 (pbuX)
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5 1083574-1083765 (+)glycine1083891-1085220 (+)SMA_1108

Sodium/glycine symporter GlyP
SMA_1108Single gene

DOOR ID: 3358838
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6 1651860-1652119 (-)FMN1651208-1651778 (-)ribU

Riboflavin transporter

DOOR ID: 1325570
SMA_1697 (ribU),
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