Genome: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum YAU B9601-Y2 (NC_017061.1); Phylum: Firmicutes
S.No.Riboswitch Location and StrandRiboswitch classDownstream gene location and StrandDownstream gene name/gene product descriptionLocus_tag of downstream geneSingle gene/within operon (According to DOOR database)Operon details (List of genes within operon and their Locus_tag)Predicted Structure
1 205748-205919 (+)glmS206008-207811 (+)glmS

BANAU_0181Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477128
BANAU_0181 (glmS) View Structure
2 438774-438920 (+)ydaO-yuaA439076-440897 (+)ydaO

BANAU_0391Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477216
BANAU_0391 (ydaO) View Structure
3 525255-525358 (+)TPP525435-525900 (+)BANAU_0487


DOOR ID: 1236790
BANAU_0491 (nagD),
BANAU_0490 (thiD1),
BANAU_0488 (thyA1),
View Structure
4 573194-573293 (-)purine571978-573139 (-)ydhL

BANAU_0536Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477305
BANAU_0536 (ydhL) View Structure
5 639587-639688 (+)purine639819-641142 (+)pbuG1

BANAU_0594Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477326
BANAU_0594 (pbuG1) View Structure
6 643384-643485 (+)purine643617-644106 (+)purE


DOOR ID: 1236809
BANAU_0610 (purD),
BANAU_0609 (purH),
BANAU_0608 (purN),
BANAU_0607 (purM),
BANAU_0606 (purF),
BANAU_0605 (purL),
BANAU_0604 (purQ),
BANAU_0603 (purS),
BANAU_0602 (purC),
BANAU_0601 (purB),
BANAU_0600 (purK),
BANAU_0599 (purE)
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7 869502-869612 (+)TPP869733-871506 (+)thiC

BANAU_0805Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477428
BANAU_0805 (thiC) View Structure
8 1075401-1075522 (-)SAM1073469-1075311 (-)yitJ

BANAU_1008Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477533
BANAU_1008 (yitJ) View Structure
9 1136156-1136264 (+)TPP1136348-1137059 (+)tenA


DOOR ID: 1236899
BANAU_1072 (tenA),
BANAU_1073 (tenI),
BANAU_1074 (goxB),
BANAU_1075 (thiS),
BANAU_1076 (thiG),
BANAU_1077 (thiF),
BANAU_1078 (yjbV)
View Structure
10 1154774-1154899 (+)SAM1154968-1156090 (+)yjcI


DOOR ID: 1236903
BANAU_1099 (yjcI),
BANAU_1100 (yjcJ)
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11 1278354-1278462 (+)ykkC-yxkD1278528-1278867 (+)ykkC


DOOR ID: 1236930
BANAU_1226 (ykkC),
BANAU_1227 (ykkD)
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12 1293257-1293411 (-)SAM1290163-1290835 (+)BANAU_1239

BANAU_1239Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477621
BANAU_1239 View Structure
13 1298748-1298861 (-)TPP1297968-1298568 (-)ykoE


DOOR ID: 1236933
BANAU_1243 (ykoC),
BANAU_1244 (ykoD),
BANAU_1245 (ykoE)
View Structure
14 1300605-1300770 (+)ykoK1301004-1302360 (+)ykoK

BANAU_1248Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477627
BANAU_1248 (ykoK) View Structure
15 1308692-1308792 (+)yybP-ykoY1308889-1309672 (+)ykoY

BANAU_1257Single gene

DOOR ID: 3477634
BANAU_1257 (ykoY) View Structure
16 1323040-1323194 (-)SAM1321745-1322930 (-)mtnK


DOOR ID: 1236938
BANAU_1269 (mtnA1),
BANAU_1270 (mtnK)
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17 1325392-1325491 (+)SAM1325545-1326787 (+)mtnW


DOOR ID: 1236939
BANAU_1273 (mtnW),
BANAU_1274 (mtnX),
BANAU_1275 (mtnB),
BANAU_1276 (mtnZ)
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18 1338183-1338227 (+)PreQ11338324-1338984 (+)queC


DOOR ID: 1236941
BANAU_1285 (queC),
BANAU_1286 (queD),
BANAU_1287 (queE),
BANAU_1288 (queF)
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19 1589093-1589197 (+)TPP1589271-1590552 (+)ylmB


DOOR ID: 1236976
BANAU_1486 (ylmB),
BANAU_1487 (ylmC)
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20 1611757-1611861 (+)SAM1611988-1612690 (+)cysH


DOOR ID: 1236981
BANAU_1508 (cysH),
BANAU_1509 (cysP),
BANAU_1510 (sat),
BANAU_1511 (cysC)
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21 2214061-2214153 (-)SAM2212922-2213939 (-)yoaD


DOOR ID: 1237082
BANAU_1995 (yoaB),
BANAU_1996 (yoaC),
BANAU_1997 (yoaD)
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22 2370359-2370458 (-)purine2369674-2370259 (-)xpt


DOOR ID: 1237119
BANAU_2177 (pbuX),
BANAU_2178 (xpt)
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23 2455731-2455865 (-)FMN2455010-2455583 (-)ypaA1

BANAU_2272Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478011
BANAU_2272 (ypaA1) View Structure
24 2475706-2475852 (-)FMN2474458-2475574 (-)ribD


DOOR ID: 1237142
BANAU_2290 (ribH),
BANAU_2291 (ribA),
BANAU_2292 (ribE),
BANAU_2293 (ribD)
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25 2662420-2662520 (-)glycine2661140-2662241 (-)gcvT


DOOR ID: 1237173
BANAU_2440 (gcvPB),
BANAU_2441 (gcvPA),
BANAU_2442 (gcvT)
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26 2967928-2968107 (-)lysine2966572-2967802 (-)lysC

BANAU_2768Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478168
BANAU_2768 (lysC) View Structure
27 3176360-3176499 (-)SAM3174986-3176189 (-)metK

BANAU_2967Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478260
BANAU_2967 (metK) View Structure
28 3209619-3209719 (+)TPP3209819-3210401 (+)yuaJ

BANAU_2998Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478273
BANAU_2998 (yuaJ) View Structure
29 3389409-3389515 (-)SAM3388277-3389303 (-)metN


DOOR ID: 1237319
BANAU_3172 (yusA),
BANAU_3173 (metP),
BANAU_3174 (metN)
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30 3444333-3444513 (-)lysine3442808-3444221 (-)yvsH

BANAU_3235Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478379
BANAU_3235 (yvsH) View Structure
31 4022943-4023044 (-)ykkC-yxkD4022040-4022877 (-)yxkD

BANAU_3788Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478586
BANAU_3788 (yxkD) View Structure
32 4027843-4027929 (+)SAM4028006-4029143 (+)yxjG

BANAU_3794Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478592
BANAU_3794 (yxjG) View Structure
33 4030422-4030522 (+)purine4030657-4031851 (+)nupC1

BANAU_3796Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478594
BANAU_3796 (nupC1) View Structure
34 4132750-4132830 (-)glycine4131257-4132604 (-)ydgF3

BANAU_3882Single gene

DOOR ID: 3478631
BANAU_3882 (ydgF3) View Structure