Genome: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum CAU B946 (NC_016784.1); Phylum: Firmicutes
S.No.Riboswitch Location and StrandRiboswitch classDownstream gene location and StrandDownstream gene name/gene product descriptionLocus_tag of downstream geneSingle gene/within operon (According to DOOR database)Operon details (List of genes within operon and their Locus_tag)Predicted Structure
1 205533-205704 (+)glmS205793-207596 (+)glmS

BACAU_0182Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372010
BACAU_0182 (glmS) View Structure
2 438314-438460 (+)ydaO-yuaA438616-440437 (+)ydaO

BACAU_0390Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372098
BACAU_0390 (ydaO) View Structure
3 571733-571832 (-)purine570517-571678 (-)ydhL

BACAU_0534Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372187
BACAU_0534 (ydhL) View Structure
4 679372-679473 (+)purine679604-680927 (+)pbuG

BACAU_0649Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372214
BACAU_0649 (pbuG) View Structure
5 683165-683266 (+)purine683398-683887 (+)purE


DOOR ID: 1213232
BACAU_0665 (purD),
BACAU_0664 (purH),
BACAU_0663 (purN),
BACAU_0662 (purM),
BACAU_0661 (purF),
BACAU_0660 (purL),
BACAU_0659 (purQ),
BACAU_0658 (purS),
BACAU_0657 (purC),
BACAU_0656 (purB),
BACAU_0655 (purK),
BACAU_0654 (purE)
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6 924217-924327 (+)TPP924448-926221 (+)thiC

BACAU_0861Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372317
BACAU_0861 (thiC) View Structure
7 1127802-1127924 (-)SAM1125870-1127712 (-)yitJ

BACAU_1062Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372415
BACAU_1062 (yitJ) View Structure
8 1187353-1187461 (+)TPP1187545-1188256 (+)tenA


DOOR ID: 1213322
BACAU_1133 (yjbV),
BACAU_1132 (thiF),
BACAU_1131 (thiG),
BACAU_1130 (thiS),
BACAU_1129 (goxB),
BACAU_1128 (tenI),
BACAU_1127 (tenA)
View Structure
9 1205977-1206100 (+)SAM1206169-1207291 (+)yjcI


DOOR ID: 1213326
BACAU_1155 (yjcJ),
BACAU_1154 (yjcI)
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10 1311715-1311823 (+)ykkC-yxkD1311889-1312228 (+)ykkC


DOOR ID: 1213349
BACAU_1268 (ykkD),
BACAU_1267 (ykkC)
View Structure
11 1325829-1325983 (-)SAM1323456-1325745 (-)metE

BACAU_1281Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372486
BACAU_1281 (metE) View Structure
12 1331322-1331435 (-)TPP1330540-1331140 (-)ykoE


DOOR ID: 1213352
BACAU_1286 (ykoE),
BACAU_1285 (ykoD),
BACAU_1284 (ykoC)
View Structure
13 1333181-1333346 (+)ykoK1333580-1334936 (+)ykoK

BACAU_1289Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372491
BACAU_1289 (ykoK) View Structure
14 1341257-1341357 (+)yybP-ykoY1341455-1342238 (+)ykoY

BACAU_1298Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372498
BACAU_1298 (ykoY) View Structure
15 1355614-1355769 (-)SAM1354319-1355504 (-)mtnK


DOOR ID: 1213357
BACAU_1311 (mtnK),
BACAU_1310 (mtnA)
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16 1357966-1358065 (+)SAM1358146-1359361 (+)mtnW


DOOR ID: 1213358
BACAU_1317 (mtnZ),
BACAU_1316 (mtnB),
BACAU_1315 (mtnX),
BACAU_1314 (mtnW)
View Structure
17 1370756-1370800 (+)PreQ11370896-1371556 (+)queC


DOOR ID: 1213360
BACAU_1329 (queF),
BACAU_1328 (queE),
BACAU_1327 (queD),
BACAU_1326 (queC)
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18 1574326-1574431 (+)TPP1574503-1575784 (+)ylmB


DOOR ID: 1213390
BACAU_1490 (ylmC),
BACAU_1489 (ylmB)
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19 1596989-1597093 (+)SAM1597220-1597922 (+)cysH


DOOR ID: 1213394
BACAU_1514 (cysC),
BACAU_1513 (sat),
BACAU_1512 (cysP),
BACAU_1511 (cysH)
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20 2088795-2088887 (-)SAM2087655-2088672 (-)yoaD


DOOR ID: 1213464
BACAU_1874 (yoaB),
BACAU_1875 (yoaC),
BACAU_1876 (yoaD)
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21 2222655-2222754 (-)purine2221969-2222554 (-)xpt


DOOR ID: 1213497
BACAU_2033 (pbuX),
BACAU_2034 (xpt)
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22 2307990-2308124 (-)FMN2307269-2307842 (-)ypaA1

BACAU_2130Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372806
BACAU_2130 (ypaA1) View Structure
23 2327961-2328107 (-)FMN2326713-2327829 (-)ribD


DOOR ID: 1213521
BACAU_2149 (ribH),
BACAU_2150 (ribA),
BACAU_2151 (ribE),
BACAU_2152 (ribD)
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24 2514616-2514716 (-)glycine2513337-2514438 (-)gcvT


DOOR ID: 1213552
BACAU_2300 (gcvPB),
BACAU_2301 (gcvPA),
BACAU_2302 (gcvT)
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25 2762871-2763050 (-)lysine2761515-2762745 (-)lysC

BACAU_2570Single gene

DOOR ID: 3372939
BACAU_2570 (lysC) View Structure
26 2970262-2970401 (-)SAM2968889-2970092 (-)metK

BACAU_2769Single gene

DOOR ID: 3373033
BACAU_2769 (metK) View Structure
27 2999767-2999867 (+)TPP2999967-3000549 (+)yuaJ

BACAU_2796Single gene

DOOR ID: 3373045
BACAU_2796 (yuaJ) View Structure
28 3217155-3217261 (-)SAM3216023-3217049 (-)metN


DOOR ID: 1213696
BACAU_3008 (yusA),
BACAU_3009 (metP),
BACAU_3010 (metN)
View Structure
29 3272058-3272239 (-)lysine3270534-3271947 (-)yvsH

BACAU_3070Single gene

DOOR ID: 3373163
BACAU_3070 (yvsH) View Structure
30 3822271-3822372 (-)ykkC-yxkD3820309-3821203 (-)yxkF

BACAU_3627Single gene

DOOR ID: 3373379
BACAU_3627 (yxkF) View Structure
31 3827171-3827257 (+)SAM3827335-3828472 (+)yxjG

BACAU_3634Single gene

DOOR ID: 3373386
BACAU_3634 (yxjG) View Structure
32 3829749-3829849 (+)purine3829988-3831182 (+)nupC1

BACAU_3636Single gene

DOOR ID: 3373388
BACAU_3636 (nupC1) View Structure
33 3913608-3913688 (-)glycine3912115-3913462 (-)ydgF

BACAU_3713Single gene

DOOR ID: 3373422
BACAU_3713 (ydgF) View Structure