Genome: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens DSM 7 (NC_014551.1); Phylum: Firmicutes
S.No.Riboswitch Location and StrandRiboswitch classDownstream gene location and StrandDownstream gene name/gene product descriptionLocus_tag of downstream geneSingle gene/within operon (According to DOOR database)Operon details (List of genes within operon and their Locus_tag)Predicted Structure
1 204807-204978 (+)glmS205067-206870 (+)glmS

BAMF_0181Single gene

DOOR ID: 2951530
BAMF_0181 (glmS) View Structure
2 441832-441978 (+)ydaO-yuaA442134-443955 (+)ydaO

BAMF_0399Single gene

DOOR ID: 2951615
BAMF_0399 (ydaO) View Structure
3 546709-546808 (-)purine545492-546653 (-)pbuE

BAMF_0515Single gene

DOOR ID: 2951693
BAMF_0515 (pbuE) View Structure
4 654214-654315 (+)purine654445-655768 (+)pbuG

BAMF_0631Single gene

DOOR ID: 2951722
BAMF_0631 (pbuG) View Structure
5 658026-658127 (+)purine658256-658745 (+)purE


DOOR ID: 751768
BAMF_0636 (purE),
BAMF_0637 (purK),
BAMF_0638 (purB),
BAMF_0639 (purC),
BAMF_0640 (purS),
BAMF_0641 (purQ),
BAMF_0642 (purL),
BAMF_0643 (purF),
BAMF_0644 (purM),
BAMF_0645 (purN),
BAMF_0646 (purH),
BAMF_0647 (purD)
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6 994349-994459 (+)TPP994578-996351 (+)thiC

BAMF_0969Single gene

DOOR ID: 2951861
BAMF_0969 (thiC) View Structure
7 1203859-1203981 (-)SAM1201927-1203769 (-)yitJ

BAMF_1175Single gene

DOOR ID: 2951965
BAMF_1175 (yitJ) View Structure
8 1263639-1263747 (+)TPP1263833-1264544 (+)tenA


DOOR ID: 751879
BAMF_1239 (tenA),
BAMF_1240 (tenI),
BAMF_1241 (thiO),
BAMF_1242 (thiS),
BAMF_1243 (thiG),
BAMF_1244 (thiF1),
BAMF_1245 (thiD)
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9 1282232-1282357 (+)SAM1282426-1283548 (+)metI


DOOR ID: 751883
BAMF_1266 (metI),
BAMF_1267 (metC)
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10 1394567-1394676 (+)ykkC-yxkD1395080-1395395 (+)ykkD


DOOR ID: 751911
BAMF_1392 (ykkB),
BAMF_1393 (ykkC),
BAMF_1394 (ykkD)
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11 1409621-1409775 (-)SAM1407248-1409606 (-)metE

BAMF_1407Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952048
BAMF_1407 (metE) View Structure
12 1415116-1415229 (-)TPP1414334-1414934 (-)thiV


DOOR ID: 751914
BAMF_1410 (thiX),
BAMF_1411 (thiW),
BAMF_1412 (thiV)
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13 1416987-1417152 (+)ykoK1417386-1418742 (+)mgtE

BAMF_1415Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952053
BAMF_1415 (mgtE) View Structure
14 1427081-1427181 (+)yybP-ykoY1427277-1428060 (+)ykoY

BAMF_1425Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952060
BAMF_1425 (ykoY) View Structure
15 1441436-1441590 (-)SAM1440141-1441326 (-)mtnK


DOOR ID: 751919
BAMF_1437 (mtnA),
BAMF_1438 (mtnK)
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16 1443788-1443887 (+)SAM1443968-1445183 (+)mtnW

BAMF_1441Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952068
BAMF_1441 (mtnW) View Structure
17 1456591-1456635 (+)PreQ11456732-1457392 (+)queC


DOOR ID: 751922
BAMF_1452 (queC),
BAMF_1453 (queD),
BAMF_1454 (queE),
BAMF_1455 (queF)
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18 1607773-1607878 (+)TPP1607950-1609231 (+)thiQ


DOOR ID: 751952
BAMF_1606 (thiQ),
BAMF_1607 (ylmC)
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19 1630443-1630547 (+)SAM1630673-1631375 (+)cysH


DOOR ID: 751956
BAMF_1628 (cysH),
BAMF_1629 (cysP),
BAMF_1630 (sat),
BAMF_1631 (cysC)
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20 2080310-2080402 (-)SAM2079186-2080059 (-)yoaD


DOOR ID: 752021
BAMF_1969 (yoaB),
BAMF_1970 (yoaC),
BAMF_1971 (yoaD)
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21 2195913-2196012 (-)purine2195230-2195815 (-)xpt


DOOR ID: 752050
BAMF_2110 (pbuX),
BAMF_2111 (xpt)
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22 2282116-2282250 (-)FMN2281396-2281969 (-)ribU

BAMF_2206Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952364
BAMF_2206 (ribU) View Structure
23 2302086-2302233 (-)FMN2300838-2301954 (-)ribD


DOOR ID: 752073
BAMF_2224 (ribH),
BAMF_2225 (ribAB),
BAMF_2226 (ribE),
BAMF_2227 (ribD)
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24 2417368-2417468 (-)glycine2416088-2417189 (-)gcvT


DOOR ID: 752102
BAMF_2358 (gcvPB),
BAMF_2359 (gcvPA),
BAMF_2360 (gcvT)
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25 2698158-2698337 (-)lysine2696802-2698032 (-)lysC

BAMF_2653Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952519
BAMF_2653 (lysC) View Structure
26 2892748-2892886 (-)SAM2891375-2892578 (-)metK

BAMF_2838Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952599
BAMF_2838 (metK) View Structure
27 2922148-2922248 (+)TPP2922346-2922928 (+)thiT

BAMF_2866Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952612
BAMF_2866 (thiT) View Structure
28 3175425-3175531 (-)SAM3174293-3175319 (-)metQ


DOOR ID: 752257
BAMF_3113 (metN3),
BAMF_3114 (metP),
BAMF_3115 (metQ)
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29 3230513-3230693 (-)lysine3228991-3230404 (-)lysP

BAMF_3174Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952739
BAMF_3174 (lysP) View Structure
30 3771039-3771140 (-)ykkC-yxkD3770135-3770972 (-)yxkD

BAMF_3718Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952933
BAMF_3718 (yxkD) View Structure
31 3775942-3776028 (+)SAM3776106-3777243 (+)yxjG

BAMF_3724Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952939
BAMF_3724 (yxjG) View Structure
32 3778522-3778622 (+)purine3778757-3779951 (+)nupG

BAMF_3726Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952941
BAMF_3726 (nupG) View Structure
33 3868562-3868642 (-)glycine3867064-3868417 (-)ydgF

BAMF_3808Single gene

DOOR ID: 2952976
BAMF_3808 (ydgF) View Structure