Genome: Escherichia coli CFT073 (NC_004431.1); Phylum: Gammaproteobacteria
S.No.Riboswitch Location and StrandRiboswitch classDownstream gene location and StrandDownstream gene name/gene product descriptionLocus_tag of downstream geneSingle gene/within operon (According to DOOR database)Operon details (List of genes within operon and their Locus_tag)Predicted Structure
1 79852-79951 (-)TPP78837-79821 (-)tbpA

Thiamine-binding periplasmic protein

DOOR ID: 72789
c0082 (thiQ),
c0083 (thiP),
c0084 (tbpA)
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2 839533-839677 (+)MOCO840675-841188 (+)moaB

Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein B

DOOR ID: 72932
c0862 (moaA),
c0863 (moaB)
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3 2057128-2057229 (+)yybP-ykoY2057305-2057926 (+)yebN

Probable manganese efflux pump MntP
c2228Single gene

DOOR ID: 1531933
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4 2476008-2476104 (-)TPP2475184-2475973 (-)thiM

Hydroxyethylthiazole kinase (0) (4-methyl-5-beta-hydroxyethylthiazole kinase) (TH kinase) (Thz kinase)

DOOR ID: 73273
c2628 (yegW),
c2629 (yegX),
c2630 (thiD),
c2631 (thiM)
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5 3630363-3630511 (-)FMN3629605-3630259 (-)ribB

3;4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate synthase (DHBP synthase) (2)
c3795Single gene

DOOR ID: 1532415
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6 4695788-4695978 (+)cobalamin4696042-4697887 (+)btuB

Vitamin B12 transporter BtuB (Cobalamin receptor) (Outer membrane cobalamin translocator)

DOOR ID: 73767
c4929 (btuB),
c4930 (murI)
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7 4727387-4727487 (-)TPP4725410-4727318 (-)thiC

Phosphomethylpyrimidine synthase (7) (Hydroxymethylpyrimidine phosphate synthase) (HMP-P synthase) (HMP-phosphate synthase) (HMPP synthase) (Thiamine biosynthesis protein ThiC)

DOOR ID: 73773
c4946 (thiH),
c4947 (thiG),
c4948 (thiS),
c4949 (thiF),
c4950 (thiE),
c4951 (thiC)
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8 4768999-4769195 (-)lysine4767557-4768907 (-)lysC

c4990Single gene

DOOR ID: 1532775
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9 4985532-4985578 (+)mini-ykkC4985909-4986443 (-)blc


DOOR ID: 1110726
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10 5084490-5084605 (+)Mg sensor5084698-5087395 (+)mgtA

Mg(2+) transport ATPase; P-type 1
c5341Single gene

DOOR ID: 1532903
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