Genome: Escherichia coli IHE3034 (NC_017628.1); Phylum: Gammaproteobacteria
S.No.Riboswitch Location and StrandRiboswitch classDownstream gene location and StrandDownstream gene name/gene product descriptionLocus_tag of downstream geneSingle gene/within operon (According to DOOR database)Operon details (List of genes within operon and their Locus_tag)Predicted Structure
1 79093-79192 (-)TPP78078-79062 (-)thiB


DOOR ID: 1074639
ECOK1_0067 (thiQ),
ECOK1_0068 (thiP),
ECOK1_0069 (thiB)
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2 816531-816675 (+)MOCO817673-818186 (+)moaB


DOOR ID: 1074773
ECOK1_0783 (moaA),
ECOK1_0784 (moaB),
ECOK1_0785 (moaC),
ECOK1_0786 (moaD),
ECOK1_0787 (moaE)
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3 1968389-1968490 (+)yybP-ykoY1968620-1969187 (+)ECOK1_1939

ECOK1_1939Single gene

DOOR ID: 3727041
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4 2404266-2404362 (-)TPP2403442-2404231 (-)thiM


DOOR ID: 1075049
ECOK1_2333 (thiD),
ECOK1_2334 (thiM)
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5 3572377-3572525 (-)FMN3571619-3572273 (-)ribB

ECOK1_3477Single gene

DOOR ID: 3727483
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6 4596716-4596816 (-)TPP4594739-4596635 (-)thiC


DOOR ID: 1075480
ECOK1_4465 (thiH),
ECOK1_4466 (thiG),
ECOK1_4467 (thiS),
ECOK1_4468 (thiF),
ECOK1_4469 (thiE),
ECOK1_4470 (thiC)
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7 4638157-4638353 (-)lysine4636715-4638065 (-)lysC

ECOK1_4509Single gene

DOOR ID: 3727810
ECOK1_4509 (lysC) View Structure
8 4800883-4800929 (+)mini-ykkC4800946-4801264 (+)sugE

ECOK1_4663Single gene

DOOR ID: 3727869
ECOK1_4663 (sugE) View Structure
9 4898757-4898872 (+)Mg sensor4898965-4901662 (+)mgtA

ECOK1_4759Single gene

DOOR ID: 3727909
ECOK1_4759 (mgtA) View Structure