Genome: Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica OSU18 (NC_008369.1); Phylum: Gammaproteobacteria
S.No.Riboswitch Location and StrandRiboswitch classDownstream gene location and StrandDownstream gene name/gene product descriptionLocus_tag of downstream geneSingle gene/within operon (According to DOOR database)Operon details (List of genes within operon and their Locus_tag)Predicted Structure
1 75405-75554 (-)FMN74216-75284 (-)ribD


DOOR ID: 220963
FTH_0070 (def),
FTH_0071 (ribH),
FTH_0072 (ribA),
FTH_0073 (ribB),
FTH_0074 (ribD)
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2 999944-1000045 (+)TPP1000102-1000726 (+)FTH_1018

FTH_1018Single gene

DOOR ID: 1871517
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